The Wonder That Is The Eclipse Car Audio

Eclipse Car Audio surround sound systems is produced by Fujitsu Ten Limited. Fujitsu Ten Limited is a Japanese company that was founded in October 1972. The company’s head office is in the city of Kobe in Japan. With a capital base of over 5,300 million yen, the company has over four thousand employees. The company serves the entire world and has major offices and branches in the rest of Asia, Europe and North America.

Company Products

The main products that the company sells are:

  • Audio systems for home use
  • Audio systems for cars
  • Navigation systems for cars
  • Mobile communication radios
  • Automotive electronic devices

Eclipse Car Audio

Fujitsu Ten’s Eclipse car audio is one of the most famous, if not THE most famous car radio in the whole world.

  • Quality

The quality of sound that it produces makes your driving experience an enjoyable and memorable one. With Eclipse car audio, you have total control of the sound quality.

  • Delayed Sound

One such feature is the one that allows you to delay the release of the music. With the Eclipse car radio, you can delay the release of the sound from the different speakers in the system and then release them at the same time so that you can experience the feel of the entire sound system reaching you at the same time.

  • Speaker Control

You also have the ability to control the power of the speakers. This will give you the ability to get a sound quality that is very high and very sharp.

  • Digital Street Map

Another outstanding feature of the Eclipse car audio is that it has a digital street map that is installed within it. This is a very useful tool no matter where you may be cruising with your car.

  • Security Network

There is an Eclipse security network that comes with your Eclipse car audio. This greatly improves the security of your music collection and your car music system. In the event that your entire car or the music system is stolen, you need not worry about losing it. All that you have to do is notify the company so that they can block it. This way, the system will not work no matter what the thieves do to it. You may be worried that this is the end of your car audio system even when the car or the sound system is retrieved. Well, not really. When you get your car audio system back, you can contact the company once more and they will get the system up and running like it used to.

The Eclipse car stereo is one that will make you want to drive your car over and over. It is true that the car would be a very boring place in the absence of the radio. During those long drives to boring places, you will need something to keep you entertained. The Eclipse car radio promises to be your ultimate entertainer during these times. With the high end car audio accessories that it comes with, you will not want to switch off your car radio. So have car stereo installation right away with the right sound system.